We are a group of five students from the University of London, from 25 to 35 years old. Corrector is a project we care a lot and we have been working on it for over two years. Our idea was to create a free & online correction tool, accessible to anyone with a single click. We achieved it.

 Besides Corrector, we also create several free online writing tools. This is our passion and what we love to do. We like to create tools that people can use for free, both from smartphones and computers, to make their lives easier. If you have any ideas or a free tool that you can’t find, contact us and we’ll start working on it. We love to call Corrector as “the coolest grammar checker” and we would love people to continue using it and help us improving this tool. Here’s a picture for us, happily having a break while working on out tool. Who are we?


  • Malcom Bradwins, Content Manager (the handsome guy on the left, myself).
  • Patricia Conway, Publishing OPS (she doesn’t like picture).
  • Samuel Chan, Developer (an asiatic developer, eh?).

This picture was taken the 15 of June 2019 in Southampton.