Know the properties of a text that a proofreader takes into account

In order to know if a text is good or not, it is necessary to know its properties because they compose and nourish it so that it has the best possible form, and this is thanks to the coherence along with the cohesion, they are two vital elements within a text. That is the difference … Read more

What is the importance of using a corrector and having good spelling?

In the past, the desire to preserve good spelling could be translated into an immense mountain of books and dictionaries, but nowadays, with the excessive but productive reach of technology, it is possible to revise some text through the online corrector, and its functions lie in the importance of writing well. In the end, mistakes … Read more

The most frequent grammatical errors that a proofreader fights

Without a doubt, the tools for correcting and revising texts are one of the best implementations, but nevertheless, it is necessary to learn the grammatical errors that it throws up, in order to grow within the writing itself, it is like recognizing where the fault lies. This requires an understanding of the rules of Spanish … Read more

Importance of vocabulary management for a proofreader

The adaptation and mastery of the vocabulary is essential to serve as an online corrector, because otherwise the system can mark errors that do not exist, that is, when words are implemented in some locations, and are unknown in others, it can be taken or classified as some spelling error. Even those unique words or … Read more

How can we correct the spanish confusion between “ahí”, “hay” and “ay”?

In the common expression many times the use of different words in spanish are confused, since they can be heard the same, but they are written different, therefore they have a different meaning, this happens with the incorrect use of “ahí”, “hay”, and “ay”  that can make the sense of a text lost. The incredible … Read more