The common confusion that eliminates the grammar checker however and instead

The common confusion that eliminates the grammar checker however and instead. In the first place, within the register provided by various correctors, he ends by highlighting the great coincidence that there is an evident confusion between the use of “however” and “instead”, when in fact they do not mean the same thing, and therefore they … Read more

Revision of mandatory texts

Learning to write and speak by implementing order forms is confusing or is what most commonly occur errors, these are known as models or grammatical positions in imperative order, so it is not finished understand the main intention on the text. This translates into the application of the infinitive as a confusion of using the … Read more

How do you review scientific texts?

The infinity of style to which grammatical correctors are submitted complicates their performance but it is not impossible, this happens with scientific texts because they contain many linguistic details to be considered, however all this is handled and executed systematically for greater effectiveness. Since each element has to be adapted in the same tune of … Read more

Why is it important for a professional writer to use the grammar checker?

The importance of knowing and armoring oneself within this area for any professional writer is imminent, or in itself for any person, since it is a great insecurity and indignation to observe spelling errors as rude as “to have” in confusion of the use of “to see”. To avoid making this type of mistake and … Read more

The most frequent grammatical errors that a proofreader fights

Without a doubt, the tools for correcting and revising texts are one of the best implementations, but nevertheless, it is necessary to learn the grammatical errors that it throws up, in order to grow within the writing itself, it is like recognizing where the fault lies. This requires an understanding of the rules of Spanish … Read more