Can proofreaders be applied to any type of text?

We live under the uncertainty or the challenge of accommodating in terms of coherence some texts that have been translated, however this becomes more complicated when it comes to a particular type of writing, especially when it comes to legal or financial compositions. Proofreaders are designed for all kinds of challenges, even if they are … Read more

Know the properties of a text that a proofreader takes into account

In order to know if a text is good or not, it is necessary to know its properties because they compose and nourish it so that it has the best possible form, and this is thanks to the coherence along with the cohesion, they are two vital elements within a text. That is the difference … Read more

The writing and the grammar: your choices

Grammar is not an end in itself. For all linguistic phenomena that can appear in other forms, one must ask why the phenomenon is universal, but the form is different. So it is with the grammar check sentences. Every language has to have a grammar. But grammar varies from language to language. So it seems … Read more