How can we correct the spanish confusion between “ahí”, “hay” and “ay”?

In the common expression many times the use of different words in spanish are confused, since they can be heard the same, but they are written different, therefore they have a different meaning, this happens with the incorrect use of “ahí”, “hay”, and “ay”  that can make the sense of a text lost. The incredible … Read more

Why grammar checker tools are important

Grammar checking is significant for the exactness and quality of content. An ideal grammar checker guarantees that your content is free from every single grammatical error. It is accessible in some software and if not; you can purchase grammar checkers independently. The grammar checker for sentences is preloaded with the right spellings and common errors. … Read more

The right grammar check and your choices

The absence of grammatical errors is the key to speak English fluently and confidently. If you know the grammar, you can avoid mistakes, because of which your speech will sound strange to native speakers. There are certain situations in which grammar is very important and one must go for grammar check. For example, if you … Read more