English Apostrophes – 7 Amazing Rules

English apostrophes can be a very confusing subject for English learners. Here are some basic rules for you to follow that will get it right most of the time: 1. English apostrophes can show contraction of 2 words An apostrophe normally indicates that 2 words have been contracted. Eg: “There is” becomes “There’s” or “You … Read more

Revision of mandatory texts

Learning to write and speak by implementing order forms is confusing or is what most commonly occur errors, these are known as models or grammatical positions in imperative order, so it is not finished understand the main intention on the text. This translates into the application of the infinitive as a confusion of using the … Read more

How do you review scientific texts?

The infinity of style to which grammatical correctors are submitted complicates their performance but it is not impossible, this happens with scientific texts because they contain many linguistic details to be considered, however all this is handled and executed systematically for greater effectiveness. Since each element has to be adapted in the same tune of … Read more